Empowering Change Through Our Workshops

At PELDA, we believe in the power of knowledge and skill-building to drive meaningful change. Our workshops are designed to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities. By providing practical tools and insights, we aim to foster sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and human rights advocacy.

General Information About Our Workshops

PELDA’s workshops are tailored to address key areas of our mission:

  • Climate Action: Workshops focused on understanding climate change, promoting renewable energy, and implementing sustainable practices at the community level.
  • Environmental Protection: Training sessions aimed at conserving biodiversity, reducing pollution, and restoring natural habitats through hands-on activities and educational programs.
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Workshops that educate participants on human rights principles, anti-discrimination practices, and ways to promote justice and equality in their communities.
  • Community Development: Skill-building sessions that support economic empowerment, entrepreneurial initiatives, and educational advancement for sustainable community growth.

Our workshops are grounded in the principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and practical application. By engaging participants in interactive and impactful sessions, we ensure that the knowledge gained is both meaningful and actionable.

List of Our Workshops

Completed Projects

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