Driving Progress with Our Ongoing Projects

At PELDA, we are continuously working on a variety of projects designed to address critical issues and create lasting positive change. Our ongoing projects span across climate action, environmental protection, and human rights advocacy, reflecting our commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment. Each project is an opportunity to make a real difference and pave the way for a brighter future.

General Information About Our Projects

PELDA’s ongoing projects are structured to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time:

  • Climate Action: Initiatives focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy sources, and enhancing climate resilience in vulnerable communities.
  • Environmental Protection: Efforts aimed at preserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystems, and mitigating pollution through sustainable practices.
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Programs dedicated to ensuring equal rights, combating discrimination, and providing access to justice and resources for marginalized groups.
  • Community Development: Projects that support local economies, enhance educational opportunities, and promote sustainable livelihoods.

Our approach is guided by core principles of humanitarianism, respect for human rights, independence, accountability, gender equality, and environmental stewardship. By integrating these values into our ongoing projects, we ensure that our efforts are not only effective but also ethical and sustainable.

List of Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

Project 1

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