Empowering Communities: About PELDA

Potansiyel Etki Literatürü ve Dinamik Aktiviteler Derneği (PELDA) was established in 2020 in Şanlıurfa with the aim of contributing to social progress, diversifying development dynamics, and enhancing individual, societal, and institutional capacities. Our mission encompasses supporting education, economy, and entrepreneurship, fostering social cohesion, raising awareness, conducting research according to international standards, and carrying out humanitarian activities through dynamic initiatives.

PELDA is driven by the belief that all people have the right to live in equality, justice, freedom, and dignity. To uphold these rights, we adhere to the universal principles of law, advocating for non-violent, inclusive participation, governance, and solidarity among equals.

Our organization actively works in various fields, including Development, Environment, Human Rights, Migration, Education, Agriculture, and Humanitarian Aid. Through our projects, we strive to make a significant impact on the communities we serve, ensuring that our efforts contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

Our Mission

At PELDA, our mission is to drive positive change by empowering communities, fostering sustainable development, and advocating for human rights. We are committed to creating a world where every individual can live with dignity, equality, and opportunity. Through our diverse initiatives, we aim to address critical issues and contribute to a more just and sustainable future.

Climate Action​

Tackling climate change through grassroots movements and policy advocacy to achieve a c-neutral world.​

Environmental Education

Educating communities on conservation and sustainable practices to foster a proactive and informed society.​

Human Rights Advocacy​

Promoting and protecting human rights to ensure every individual can live with dignity and freedom.

Sustainable Development

Encouraging sustainable development practices that balance economic growth with e-care and social equity.

Community Empowerment​

Providing resources and support to local communities for their own environmental and human rights initiatives.

Global Partnerships​

Forming global partnerships to enhance our impact, collaborating with organizations and stakeholders w-wide.

Together, United in Purpose, Building a Better Tomorrow for Entire Humanity.

At PELDA, we lead in social development, empowering communities, and advocate for human rights to create a better future for everyone.

Guiding PELDA's Vision with Experience and Dedication

PELDA’s Board of Directors brings together diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to steer our organization towards its mission of driving positive change and empowering communities.

Av. Aydın Doğan


Muhabbet Yoğun

Vice President

Av. Mustafa Enver Girgin

Secretary General

Av. Mehmet Tataş


Mustafa Akkuş


..and Our Community ❤️

Source of Love and Passion

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