Committed to Core Values That Drive Positive Change

At PELDA, our mission is guided by a set of core principles that reflect our commitment to human dignity, equality, and sustainable development. These principles form the foundation of our work and ensure that we remain true to our values while addressing the most pressing issues faced by communities around the world. From upholding human rights to promoting environmental sustainability, our principles drive every action we take and every initiative we support.

We believe in the power of a humanitarian approach, the importance of respect and non-discrimination, the necessity of independence and neutrality, and the critical role of accountability and transparency. We are also deeply committed to advancing gender equality and advocating for environmental stewardship. These principles not only define who we are but also guide how we interact with the world, ensuring that our efforts are impactful, ethical, and inclusive.

By adhering to these principles, PELDA strives to create positive change and build a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for all. We invite you to explore our guiding principles and join us in our mission to empower communities and protect human rights globally.

Humanitarian Approach Principle

Our guiding principle is the Humanitarian Approach. At PELDA, we focus on upholding the dignified right to life that every human being deserves simply by being human. This principle drives our highest level of commitment in all our efforts.

Respect and Non-Discrimination

PELDA adheres to a non-discriminatory policy to ensure individuals and communities can exercise their universal human rights as outlined in norms, conventions, and laws. We believe in the principle that every individual is born with equal rights and freedoms.

Independence and Neutrality

PELDA operates independently and neutrally, guided by its mission and free from political influence. Our work prioritizes the activities outlined in our charter, both nationally and internationally, maintaining independence and neutrality even in conflict situations.

Accountability &Transparency

PELDA operates with a strong commitment to accountability and transparency. These principles guide our interactions with our team, beneficiaries, partners, and supporters, ensuring that transparency and accountability are integral to our operations.

Gender Equality

At PELDA, we are committed to promoting gender equality at the core of our work. We ensure effective mechanisms for the needs and priorities of women, men, girls, and boys. We encourage the participation of women and girls and include gender-sensitive and gender-based violence prevention activities in our programs.

Environmental Approach

PELDA advocates for the fair and sustainable management of resources and the environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior. We conduct independent campaigns to highlight global environmental issues and provide creative, non-violent solutions for a green and peaceful future.

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