Achieving Impact Through Completed Projects

At PELDA, we are dedicated to creating impactful and sustainable change through a diverse range of projects. Our mission spans across various sectors including climate action, environmental protection, and human rights advocacy. Each project we undertake is meticulously planned and executed with the aim of achieving measurable results that benefit communities and the environment.

Our completed projects are a testament to our commitment and effectiveness. They reflect our collaborative efforts with local communities, partner organizations, and dedicated volunteers. These projects not only address immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for long-term sustainability and resilience.

General Information About Our Projects

PELDA’s projects are designed to address the most pressing issues of our time:

  • Climate Action: Initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and fostering climate resilience.
  • Environmental Protection: Efforts focused on conserving biodiversity, restoring natural habitats, and reducing pollution.
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Programs dedicated to promoting equality, fighting discrimination, and ensuring access to justice for all.
  • Community Development: Projects that empower local communities through education, economic opportunities, and sustainable practices.

Each project is driven by our core principles of humanitarianism, respect for human rights, independence, accountability, gender equality, and environmental stewardship. By integrating these values into our work, we ensure that our projects not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to a more just and sustainable future.

List of Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Project 1

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