Partnering for Impact: Collaborating with Key Organizations

At PELDA, our partnerships with leading organizations are crucial to driving positive change and achieving our mission. By collaborating with diverse entities, we create innovative projects and deliver impactful solutions that address the pressing challenges of our time. Here’s how we work with our solution partners and the benefits we achieve together.

Our Collaborative Efforts

Through our partnerships, we:

  • Develop Innovative Projects: Jointly design and implement initiatives that tackle climate change, protect the environment, and promote human rights.
  • Enhance Community Impact: Leverage combined resources and expertise to maximize the benefits for local communities.
  • Share Knowledge and Expertise: Exchange best practices and insights to continuously improve the effectiveness of our programs.
  • Advocate for Policy Change: Unite voices to influence policy and drive systemic changes that support sustainable development.

Impact Statistics

  • Distributed Aid: 481 aid packages distributed to families in need.
  • Training Programs: 120 community training sessions conducted on sustainable practices.
  • Environmental Restoration: 15,000 trees planted as part of reforestation efforts.
  • Human Rights Workshops: 60 workshops conducted on human rights awareness and advocacy.

Community Empowerment Initiatives

Empowering local communities through education, resources, and support to build sustainable futures.

Innovative Environmental Projects

Creating and implementing projects that address environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

Comprehensive Advocacy Efforts

Advocating for human rights and environmental policies through collaborative efforts with our partners.

Be a Part of the Change

At Pelda, every individual can make a difference. Whether through internships, volunteering, or career opportunities, you can help address climate change, protect the environment, and advocate for human rights.


aid packages distributed to families in need.


community training sessions conducted.


trees planted as part of reforestation efforts.


workshops conducted on human rights awareness.

Harnessing Collective Strength: Our Collaborative Network for Impactful Change

Make a Difference Today: Donate to PELDA

Support PELDA’s vital work by donating today. Every donation helps empower our communities and drive positive change. Each contribution enables us to take another step towards a more just and sustainable future.

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