We Call on the Public to Be Sensitive to the Environment

We Call on the Public to Be Sensitive to the Environment

According to a news report on June 24; It was claimed that a cyanide pipe exploded on 21 June in the gold exploration field of a mining company located in İliç, Erzincan,
and approximately 20 TON of cyanide flowed into the Euphrates River. According to the statement from the authorities; It has been stated that the cyanide flowing as a result of the pipe explosion in question did not reach the Euphrates River, the cyanide emitted around was neutralized , and a judicial and administrative investigation process was initiated against the mining company for this violation.

Firat River; It is one of the most important water resources of both the Southeast region and the Middle East. The flow of poison (cyanide) here will adversely affect many living things (human, plant, animal). There appears to be an omission. Inspections and measures should be increased so that such negligence, which may endanger human health and all other living things, does not occur again. The environment of the mining site should be isolated against such incidents and the possibility of cyanide reaching dams and rivers should be eliminated .

In addition, what kind of measures have been taken regarding the issue should be shared with the public immediately . Reaching toxic wastes to the environment and drinking water may lead to irreparable results. The life and health of humans and other living things is more important than anything else.

We call on all legal entities and the public, especially public institutions and organizations, to be more sensitive to the environment.




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